Cat de relevante sunt examenele?

Uite ca si altii isi pun probleme in privinta calitatii reale a modalitatilor de testare a viitorilor avocati.

Baroul din New York al avocatilor isi pune serios intrebarea daca nu cumva modalitatea de examinare nu reflecta in nici un fel capacitaea profesionala a candidatilor.

Examinatorii au reactionat si au ridicat punctajul de admitere. “The New York State Board of Law Examiners will raise the passing score by five points for the July 26-27 exam. They say the increase is necessary to “maintain the standards of competence of New York lawyers and to fulfill the public protection function of the bar examination,” according to a statement published by the board.”

Lucruri despre viata avocatilor din New York. Cifre interesante, care spun ca in statul New York are 160,000 de avocati.

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